Okay, so I've been threatening to write this book....

It occured to me some time ago that I am, in fact, living my life backwards. Not the Woody Allen type backwards, if only we could, but in terms of what we traditionally associate with a life cycle, a certain sequence of stereo typical events.
A sense of adventure, learning, travelling (Nowadays that seems more popular than ever, I believe it's called a "Gap year". In my day it was simply called "loafing") Experimentation*, sex, career building and on to a settled life with a spouse, house, mod cons and 2.4 kids.
And sometimes a dog, or cat, or in my daughter's case, several dogs, cats, guinea pigs, frogs etc.
We're then looking at retirement; golf, fishing, living in the shed or tinkering with that old motor we've had for years.

Well, I'm working the other way, details of which I won't go into here but it will all be in the book - to coin a phrase.

I did make a start on it. The title anyway:
"How to live your life backwards"
But, as in life, I always seem to be too busy to actually put finger to keyboard....may get around to it one day. When I'm younger....

So, the point of this website.
It's not to tell you how to live your life backwards, that WILL be in the book (Sorry people, but you can always write me and I'll take questions) but to announce that after a life in engineering I decided to buy a video camera and tinker with film making. Eventually I embarked upon producing a feature film.

"The Dossier" A film by Malcolm Karpeta

My soo-phisticated look

So I have produced this humble web site to share what has been an outstanding experience.

I therefore invite you to go to the Project page.

Many thanks


*With certain...er...substances...