Team - A group of people or animals working together.
We didn't have any animals on set (Except maybe Deri, for a skinny nipper, he eats like a horse) but we certainly had some great people.
There was always a friendly atmosphere, and for the passion and effort that they all put in to our little project may I thank them all now.

By the way, that's not everyone in the pic on the left!

Producer: Me Good egg. And that's enough about me.

Director:Jennifer Hookway Bad Egg.  But very good at being bad.  Former primary school teacher turned film director by accident.  Award-Winning Director! (The international debating championship won at high school and a medal for completing a 5k race totally counts, right?). Likes vintage gloves, fairy cakes, tulips, bright colours, shoes, edible glitter, lovely people, tissue paper, pretty notepads, old fans and good manners.  Dislikes egos and agents.

Assistant Director: Becky Dyer. Mini Egg. Second born of Good Egg. Highly organised (Anal) and never misses a trick. Her hobbies are visiting haunted houses, scribbling notes whilst talking and spread sheets. Not all at the same time.
DoP: Hywel Phillips Egg head. Sometimes he talks with such intelligence that he's difficult to follow. A former physicist, Hywel now dedicates most of his time to photography and film, which he loves, and is currently working with Jennifer (The Bad Egg) on her latest project.
Second Camera: Deri Williams. Scrambled Egg. Always there to lift the spirits with some high jinks, whether intentionally or not! A student of film Deri has the enthusiasm and passion to take on anything thrown at him. As second camera,his work on the Dossier was admirable and he has recently been successful in securing a contract with a major film company.
Sound Supervisor: James Hynes An honorary member of the Good egg society, he has a wealth of experience in sound editing and mixing. James has more than 20 years’ experience working in the Film and Tv industry.  He has mixed some of Britain’s most successful TV Dramas.  Over the years James has been staff mixer at London’s largest facilities companies, Telecine PLC, Ascent Media and De Lane Lea, before setting upThe Sound Directors Ltd
Music: Rusty Apper At 14 Russ left school and was studying film and music at home, he attended acting classes and performed on stage in various plays and productions. He passed his A levels in Film and Media and and went on to work on his own films, while doing acting jobs and composing. Since then he has worked on almost every aspect of film making, including Writing, Scoring, Editing, Stunts, Makeup and even advertising. Ed. note: his achievement in writing such a beautiful score for The Dossier in the timescale we gave him was nothing short of miraculous! Definitely a 3 minute egg.
Sparks and Gadgets: Dave Ryan. an egg that didn't crack. Dave works in the telecommunication industry and whenever called upon for a gadget or gizmo from the technical department he always delivered. Sunny side up.
Production Assistant: Zoe Claire Harrison. Perfectly shaped egg. Zoe has recently qualified as a manicurist and gained distinctions in her certification. Her tireless efforts and happy go lucky attitude to life spilled over on to the set and she became the go-to girl for all those tasks that crop up unexpectedly, maintaining her can do approach. Zoe is now moving on to hair styling and is currently applying her skills in the make up and costume department with Jennefer on her latest project.
Colourist: Stef Reszczynski. Stef started out doing music videos and live gigs in the UK hip hop industry, this soon moved him on to more varied projects. He’s been shooting and cutting for 17 years and has a back catalogue from music videos, charity films, corporate films, T.V pilots, short films, live gigs and now a feature film. As well as filming and editing Stef is also a director and writer and is planning a feature film next year.
Foley Artist: Michael Zedek


Sarah Devereaux: Joceline Brooke-Hamilton Joceline is a classically trained actress and ex ballet dancer who discovered that her height (6ft1) which had made getting cast for romantic leads difficult, was an asset to her in the modelling world.  As a result, she's spent the last decade travelling the world as a professional model. The Dossier sees Joceline relaunching her acting career, having started to miss the challenge of working with a script, and having finally become old enough to be cast for roles that don't require her to be 5ft 4.  Playing Sarah Devereaux was just the role to lure her back to acting again. Her most recent non-modelling credits include: Main presenter for Honour TV's new online channel, Borderline personality disorder sufferer for Mojo Productions' ongoing police training video course, Leading dancer in Foolish Clown Productions' 'Restraint', Lead girl in Panic Cell's music video 'A Thousand Words, Amy (lead) in Shake The Tree Productions' Big Sky (Winner - 'Best No Budget Film at London Film Festival) Her website is at

The Governor: Rami Hilmi From an early age,Rami developed the love and passion for Martial Arts & Acting (performing in countless school and College theatre shows taking on the leading roles) spending time in Asia, Europe and America. On his return to UK, he began his studies in Theatre, Drama and Performing Arts, completing Drama School. Rami continued his Martial Arts training under great masters such as Yo Kwan Lee (Shoaling Kung-Fu Master) and Kevin Chan (Wing Chun Kung-Fu Master). These included: Tae-Kwon-do, Tai Boxing, Karate, Kickboxing, Krav Maga, Tai-Chi and Jujitsu. He is also highly skilled in various weapons and arms.
Combining the mental strength and determination to succeed, Rami remained focused on the film business as a professional actor and martial artist. This attitude has helped him to build strong relationships with other established actors, directors and highly ranked martial artists.
At the beginning of his career, he was cast as the nice easy going guy, then went on to play the heavy and the bad guy roles, and over the long years perfecting his acting skills, is a versatile actor who can take on variety of roles. His film credits includes: “Blaze of Gory”, “Killer Conversation”, “Monitor”, “Zombie Lover”, “Rose”, “Extraordinary Rendition”, “Spirits of the Fall”, “Colin” and “Body of Lies”. He has also done Voice over and stunt work for three major Hollywood films: “V for Vendetta”, “Prince of Persia, The Sands of Time” and “Black Gold”.
Jennel T Steiner: Julia Domenica attended the Munich Filmschool as well as masterclasses with Bernard Hiller, Jeff Erbach, Frank Betzelt. Her first role came in 1999 as The Rose in a theatre adaption of THE LITTLE PRINCE. One of her favourite experiences in theatre was playing Nina in Tschechow's THE SEAGULL. 2006 she appeared in television series' such as DER LETZTE BULLE, KOMISSAR STOLBERG, SOKO KÖLN. In 2007, she made her film debut as a fan of the main character Finn in PALERMO SHOOTING. Followed by appearances in SELBSTGESPRÄCHE and UNTER DIR DIE STADT. This year she will play the character of Lisa in the romantic TV drama LISA AND THE ARTIST
Charlie Mehigan: John Prete John is a prolific writer and has appeared in many films he has written or co-written including 2006 writer ATHENRY Full length feature. Drama/Love Story. 2008 Writer. DIRTY OLD TOWN feature. Revenge Thriller. 2009 Writer. HOLLYWOOD ROYALS. Three Part Drama for Television, 2009 Writer. Episodes two and three of The Honkys. Comedy set in New York 2010 Actor/writer. A MUGS GAME Feature Film. Producer McCardle Media 2011 ACTOR The Kidnapping Short Film. Producer Foghorn Films. Drama 2012 WRITER. My Only Brother. Feature Film for Skoti Collins Productions, Hollywood, California. John has been a member of Scottish Screenwriters since 2008.
Helen Mehigan: Alex Watson
Ann Berryman: Alexa C Mason
Vibha Desai: Lauren Willis
Officer Isaac: Vic Sawyer
Officer O'Toole: Martin Wilkinson
Officer Harris: Zoe-Claire Harrison (She's in there somewhere, click the pic)