I guess I ought to start with the film synopsis, storyline or elevator pitch. Actually it's bit longer than an elevator pitch, the poor recipient of my tale would have to be travelling quite a few floors to listen to it all.
But as we're not in a lift....
Actually you could be couldn't you....what with all of the latest various forms of communication we have....
But anyway, whatever, this is it:

An imprisoned female lawyer, a ruthless Glaswegian gangster, his imprisoned wife and a secret society.
Escape, capture, kidnap, interrogation and deception.
A prize and its cost.
Put them all together and you have, The Dossier.

Sarah Devereaux, an up and coming lawyer for the Public Prosecutor’s Office, was assigned to bring down one of the most notorious and ruthless gangland figures in the country. Charlie Mehigan and his wife Helen had remained one step ahead of the law for many years and Sarah was determined to end their reign. Compiling a dossier on their activities she found that whilst she did not have a case to convict Charlie, she could send his partner in crime Helen to prison, in the hope that this would provoke him into doing something irrational, thereby sealing his fate also. Sarah’s case was strong and Helen found herself incarcerated.
As time passed Sarah became more frustrated with the legal system and her failure to convict Charlie. She began resorting to what were considered “unethical” methods and eventually found herself on the wrong side of the bench, resulting in not only her own imprisonment, but at the same confining institute as Helen Mehigan.
Naïve she may have been, but Sarah had the forethought to hide her Dossier on Charlie before her sentence began. It contained delicate and damning information that connected Charlie to people who were, by now, high ranking public figures. This made her dossier a very valuable document, an insurance or weapon that she could use at the right time to retrieve her status.
Unfortunately it also became much sought after; certain social and political figures could have been, at the very least, embarrassed at its publication; and Charlie did not want to suffer the same fate as his wife.
So began a series of events that unfold in this film of mysterious figures, twists and turns as Helen is subjected to intimidation, interrogation and subterfuge in an attempt by several factions to possess The Dossier. Sarah has inner strength, but is it enough for her to survive…?

Tagline (It's on the poster)


Riveting huh?
I had lots of ideas about tag lines, not many words involved so they have to be concise and intriguing. Not easy, and not sure I have chosen the best one but I think it's quite cool :)